Arslan Sheraz The Sensational Voice of Pakistan is a versatile Artist from Sialkot Pakistan,born in (25th October 1995) by birth he was multi talented with his several skills like Acting,Singing,Dancing,Arts etc.etc. Arslan started to concentrate on his favorite interest which was Music and Singing,by the age of 10 he started to taking parts in school level competitions in Singing and also proved his self victorious. Pakistan international public school,S.t Anthony convert,Army public,School,Chand Bagh School and Amity Universityare those institutes where he performed number of times.

Arslan Belong to a Muslim family lives in Sialkot Punjab,While the period time of Chand Bagh School Arslan moves his steps ahead in dramatics in theater programs mainly as a dancer classical Kathak form and also as a Classical Singer in 2009, he gave more than 25 performances as a dancer and 23 performances as a Singer from 2009 till 2013 In 2010 Arslan comes in front of A Pakistani industry legend Anwar rafi the playback Singer,He moreover polish him in his career and also drag him in most of inter colleges competitions and also guide him loved him nor less than a father.

In 2012 Arslan decided to make his own Musical Album in different compositions with new lyrics and style,A urdu writer, poet and Singer Raja Ishaq Asad owned this responsibility to go for his first Music Director he even guide Arslan and also Motivated him,they make it up a great effort by adding different style song in Album and named it Chehra,in which Chehra Gulabi,O shona,Dekha hai,Saah,Balle Balle,Ishq ka Jadoo,Tuj mein muskurate hai and Neend apko mili were included which was completely freshly formed in its own style In 2013 June,Arslan migrated towards Sharjah United Arab Emirates,where he started to present his self in another way by working in a Bollywood Channel#2 radio Suno 1024 Fm As a Radio Jockey and also being a Radio Anchor,as he was having the experience from his past from Sialkot’s Radio channel Burag 104 Fm [1]In 2014 Arslan Launched his Album by getting favorable response people gave him the title “Sensational voice of Pakistan” Arslan Sheraz is Currently a national singer and a Radio Jockey of Dubai. Later on Arslan sheraz launched his first official Video Song of Chehra gulabi by which he got a very good response in gulf countries vut did’nt got much picked in his own Country Pakistan,he released his Song in video in December 2014 and then already started working on the best directors to work for his future projects his Upcoming Song eg: Raastey, Ik Jaan ,Humsafar ,College Love and so on!


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